Choose the SumUp Air reader to pair with your CollecTin® and you’ll get their fast online set-up, long battery life and no monthly fee.

Just 3 steps to start collecting contactless donations:

1. Sign up with SumUp

for £29 +VAT they’ll provide you with a card reader to go in your CollecTin® and their app for an iOS or Android phone. Please note that currently the fundraiser has to arm the reader with the app for each donation.

2. Buy your CollecTin® kits from our shop

CollecTins are £115 each (+VAT) for more than 10 and £125 (+VAT) each, if you buy between one and nine.

3. Customise your wrap

When you buy your CollecTin® kits we’ll send you a template, so that you can design the wrap for your brand and message.  Printing and application is included in the price of the CollecTins®. We can even do the design work for you if you wish.

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