We’re Hiring!

Come and work with Sprout Products, the company behind the Award Winning CollecTin® at our studio in Bermondsey Square.  We are looking for talented people to grow contactless giving and extend our product offering.

Current opportunities include:

Marketing and Technical Founders Wanted

We’re looking for founders. After several years of successfully building and selling contactless donations units, we’ve got a good idea of how we can best support charities to make the most of this new opportunity. What’s clear is that increasingly we’ll need to develop our own software, and that online marketing and selling is a core capability we need to grow. To do this we’re looking to find two new founders, who can become central to the company, with the strategic understanding, skills and expertise we currently lack. So we’re on the hunt for a Technical Guru and a Digital Marketing Genius. After a 6 month probation period, they will be full founders.

A bit of History

In 2015 Chris managed to get the backing to develop and test the first mobile contactless donation unit. Knowing nothing about physical product design, he googled and phoned his way through this unknown world, until he found Guy, an established Sustainable Industrial Designer. We worked together, along with VISA and Save the Children to build and then test this completely new way of fundraising. The timing for Contactless giving proved spot-on, and we even got featured on the One Show.

Building on our experience, we worked with lots of big financial institutions (BT, Barclaycard, Mastercard and SumUp) to develop and sell increasingly better (and cheaper) contactless donation products. Leading to the current CollecTin and CollecTin More. They share a common approach of making best use of cheap, robust, scaleable tech, but tailoring it for the needs of charities. We try to be as device and payment partner agnostic as possible, so that we or our customers are never left high and dry or trapped in an end of life or uncompetitive situation.

A bit about us

Guy is an industrial designer with a broad range and depth of design and engineering skills with a specialism in all things eco. With a background including the Cambridge and the Royal College of Art he’s run the award winning Sprout Design since 2004. He’s designed water saving shower heads, BYO chopsticks made from a bio-composite using disposed chopsticks, circular economy furniture made of Playstations, and bio/compostable face visors. The industrial design, 3D CAD, manufacturing, 2D creative, brand, operations and finance are his current areas.

Chris has mostly worked in the commercial part of charities and social enterprises, starting and scaling new ventures. He’s an experienced product owner in Agile and is also responsible for our commercial direction and relationship management.
The kind of people we’re looking for

  • We want people who are driven to make a difference in the world, and who see the opportunity to help charities raise literally millions and millions of pounds/dollars/euro’s as a great way to do that
  • We want people who have the flexibility, character, inter-personal skills and general team approach, who will be great to work with.  That means you’ll thrive on working a part of a growing, evolving team. You know how to work to build up the team, and draw on others to be at your best.
  • This is a fluid start-up, not a corporate bureaucracy. There are almost no policies or procedures, you need to work out what’s going to work best, implement it, and then refine it.
  • We want real experts in their field, with a proven track record of success, not just at implementation, but also at shaping and building approach and strategy. You will ‘own’ your area, so it’ll be down to you to make it successful for all of us and the charities we empower.
  • We’ve built everything so far on the sales we’ve generated. Everything you do has to be self-financing. That means being creative and economical and only doing things that make a tangible difference to sales.

What we’re offering

  • Rewarding work
  • Equity and some salary (to be determined once we know more about you and what you’re offering)
  • Flexibility – part time and part home working considered
  • Work at our warehouse Design Studio in Bermondsey Square above an independent coffee house.

Links to roles:

Founder Role: Digital Marketing Genius

Founder Role: Technical Guru

To Apply:

Contact us at with a CV and short description as to how you what you would do to make us successful. Send it to hello@collectin.com

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