Price & VAT Changes: Good news, some bad, and more good news

October 19, 2022

The Good News – if you’re not VAT registered or able to reclaim VAT

The good news (if you’re not VAT registered, or unable to reclaim VAT) is that HMRC has decided that the purchase of contactless donation units is now zero-rated for VAT. This means that we no longer need to charge VAT on our units, or their accessories, as long as the are only used for the collection of charitable donations.

The Bad News – our prices have increased

Our mission is to enable charities to collect contactless donations, so we know it’s difficult that we have to raise our prices.

The price of the CollecTin More including a SumUp Air reader has increased from £279 to £320. I’m afraid this is due to:
– The increasing cost of shipping from China to the UK
– Continuing post covid semiconductor shortages increasing the cost of tablets
– The reduced value of the £ against the $, and we buy almost all our components in $’s
– The increasing cost of living and energy in the UK

However even with the price increase, the including VAT price of a CollecTin More has decreased from £334.80 to £320.00

More Good News – excellent average return on investment

If you’ve never tried collecting contactless donations, it’s difficult to estimate how much you’ll collect. So we thought it might be helpful to share some average stats on how much each CollecTin More is used. The average active unit last month (Sep ’22) raised £290 (before Gift Aid), in 30 donations of £9.72 each. So it would have paid for itself in just over 1 month.

The Secure Mount – now even better

We have had to increase the price of a Secure Mount from £80 (£96 inc VAT) to £95 (also zero rated for VAT so £95 inc VAT). These are made in the UK, but affected by the steel price and the increasing cost of living and energy in the UK. We have taken the opportunity to improve them, by adding a 3m USB cable for static installations which extends the life of the batteries and including an adhesive pad, so that you can permanently secure your SumUp air reader inside the lid.

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