Contactless Donation in Places of Worship

Case Study:

Green Lane Masjid sees huge growth in giving at Friday prayers

The Goal: To give worshippers a new way to donate

Green Lane Masjid is a Mosque and Community Centre in Birmingham. As well as its many community activities, more than 5,000 people come to Friday prayers every week. Many attendees choose to donate to the work of the Mosque, but increasingly no longer carry cash. Keen to offer an alternative payment method, Green Lane Masjid signed up to be one of the first charities to try the CollecTin More as part of the Mastercard sponsored trial.

The Problem: The End of Cash

Cash use in the UK is declining sharply. The Governments 2019 ‘Access to Cash Review’ explained that “a straight-line trajectory of current trends would see an end of cash use by 2026”. Although cash may be with us for slightly longer, it is clear that ways of giving that rely on it, must find alternative payment methods or risk drying up altogether.

The Opportunity: 10 Golden Minutes

The ten minutes before Friday prayers is the main opportunity for giving to the Masjid. Not only that, but at the same time 5,000 people also need to perform ablutions and enter the prayer halls. Speed and simplicity are key. There’s no time to explain how something works, it needs to be obvious and quick.

  • Sponsored by Mastercard, Green Lane Masjid uses the CollecTin®More, with Sumup inside, in a trial to test contactless donations in places of worship.
  • The CollecTin®More is a digital way of collecting contactless donations and gives maximum visibility to your brand and ask.
  • Quick and simple onboarding and set-up enables charities to get up and running in no time.

“As a charity, collecting funds is vital for maintaining the services that we provide. CollecTin allowed us to fundraise effectively and gain the maximum donations in a short amount of time..”

Quote from Humayun Sallem,
Head of Fundraising and Marketing, Green Lane Masjid

The Solution: The CollecTin® More

The CollecTin®More gives donors the chance to choose how much they give, and then make their donation, by just tapping their debit or credit card on the top. You can set suggested donation values, as well as offering a chance for donors to enter a custom amount. You can also accept chip and pin donations, by just opening the lid and inserting the donors card. Its rechargeable battery gives you more than 6 hours of mobile use, or you can plug it in with a USB cable, and secure it with a Kensington lock for countertop situations.

The Result

In the first month of use average weekly donations increased from £1,000 when cash was the only option, to £1,400 with three Collec- Tin More’s circulating in the prayer hall. These three units could there- fore enable the Masjid to raise more than £20,000 a year. Unsurprisingly they’ve bought these three units and ordered three more.


If you are interested in finding out more about the CollecTin®More, click here

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