Contactless Donation at Charity Events

Case Study:

Claire House Children’s Hospice raises more than £34,000 in less than 2 hours

The Goal: Testing the impact of having a contactless option at fundraising events.

Claire House Children’s Hospice in Liverpool supports more the 400 children with serious or terminal conditions. Events are an important part of a varied fundraising mix. From marathons, skydives and bike rides to bespoke corporate events. It is at two of these high donation opportunities where Claire House wanted to test the impact of offering a contactless donation option – a corporate golf day and an evening gala with an auction.

An alternative to the cheque book and a new style of fundraising event

Typically contactless donation is used instead of, or alongside cash collection. The answer to the ‘sorry, I don’t carry cash’ comment. However at this type of event the majority of donations are made with chequebooks, not cash. These too though are becoming a rarer species, with some people no longer having, or at least using a cheque. They also take a few minutes to fill in, and you have to find a pen! The friction involved can put people off writing too many in an evening. We wanted to find out if offering a contactless or chip & pin option enabled people to be more generous. The evening was a great success and Claire House just couldn’t imagine running it without them.

  • Sponsored by Mastercard, Claire House Children’s Hospice uses the CollecTin®More, with Sumup inside, in a trial to test contactless donations.
  • The CollecTin®More is a digital way of collecting contactless donations and gives maximum visibility to your brand and ask
  • Quick and simple onboarding and set-up enables charities to get up and running in no time.

“On the night of the auction supporters really embraced the concept. It was so exciting to see the donations flooding in.”

Quote from Emma Newell
Corporate Fundraising Co-ordinator, Claire House Children’s Hospice

The Solution: The CollecTin® More

The CollecTin®More gives donors the chance to choose how much they give, and then make their donation, by just tapping their debit or credit card on the top. You can set suggested donation values, as well as offering a chance for donors to enter a custom amount. You can also accept chip and pin donations, by just opening the lid and inserting the donors card. Its rechargeable battery gives you more than 6 hours of mobile use, or you can plug it in with a USB cable, and secure it with a Kensington lock for countertop situations.

The Result

The Golf Day

At the Corporate golf day, Claire House received £4,800 donations through the 5 CollecTin More’s in just one evening.

The Gala Evening and Auction

In under two hours more than £34,000 was raised through 5 CollecTin’s at the auction. With a raffle earlier in the evening raising a further £1760.

“Donors found the CollecTin really intuitive and quick. They saw straight away how to use them”

Quote from Josh Worrall Partnerships Manager
Claire House Children’s Hospice


If you are interested in finding out more about the CollecTin®More, click here

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