Churches and Mosques first to get back to (something like) normal

Over the last two months we’ve been supplying contactless donation units to many dozens of Churches and Mosques, as they start to re-open.  Almost overnight most have completely stopped accepting cash donations, and switched to contactless as the preferred way of ad-hoc giving.  It’s a huge challenge, alongside all the other changes that need to be made.

Priests and Imams, who spent lockdown getting to grips with Zoom and Facebook live, have now been having to learn all about the latest payments tech, as well dealing with the deluge of Covid guidelines. Though some of the lucky ones have found an elder or Churchwarden who can get it all set-up for them.   Suddenly the Wifi or 3G coverage becomes all important, whether to live stream the worship, or process the donations.

Contactless Secure Mount

Talking to people from Churches and Mosques, we realised some new things were needed.  Firstly, offering free Zoom demo’s of units, so people can see for themselves how contactless might work for them.  Secondly, building a secure mount, so that our CollecTin More can be attached to a wall, plinth or counter top, but also removed when needed as a handheld unit.  Thirdly, working with our software partner to allow donors to designate a particular ‘pot’ for their donation to go towards.

Congregations across the country have risen to the challenge, and many are seeing significant new funds being raised.  Particularly now donations are not limited to the amount of cash in a persons pocket.  I spoke to a Priest last week who received more than £500 in donations from their first service with a contactless unit.  And many Mosques and Masjid’s are raising much more than that, at every Friday prayers.

Recently we have started to speak and supply units to more non-faith based organisations, but it seems that the Mosques and Churches were first to get ready for the new (for now anyway) normal.

If you’re from a faith based group, looking to switch from cash to contactless, then please get in touch and see how we can help.

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