Contact (less) Donations and Coronavirus

You might think that contactless would be the ideal technology to help minimise, well, ‘contact’.  And to a large extent you are right.

Another reason not to collect cash

Quite a few charities have been in touch to say they’re shifting away from cash donations, as it has the potential to transmit infection.  Whilst some who aren’t stopping collecting it altogether, are having to add the use of gloves to the already onerous job of counting the cash.  And are even being asked to quarantine the cash for 7 days as a precaution in case it is harbouring the virus.

So is Contactless really contact-less

Some contactless donation units need involve no actual contact at all.  Our CollecTin is pre-set to a particular amount, and then a tap (or even a hover) of a card is enough to make the donation.  Whilst others, like our CollecTin More, may have buttons or screens to select the amount given.  So these do have the potential to spread germs.

A simple solution

One charity has come up with a beautifully simple, but ingenious way of preventing any spreading of infection.  The fundraiser holding the unit just asks the donor which amount they’d like to choose and then presses the screen or button for them, so the donors only has to tap (or hover) their card.

So what now?

What happens to community fundraising if no-one gathers, or employee fund-raising if everyone’s working from home.  Well on this one I’m afraid we don’t have the answers.  It’s not clear what changes are to come, how long they’ll last, and how this might affect fundraising.  I do know that you can tap our units through a double glazed window – so that must bring some opportunities.  I’d love to know your thoughts, please leave comments to let us know how you think this will develop, and what that might mean for in person fundraising of all kinds?

What we’re offering

If you have an event later in the year, we are launching a way to reserve our stock so that you can get up and fundraising quicker.

We’ll give you a 25% discount with the code “RESTART-SUMMER” and you can reserve our stock for nominated date delivery anytime after 1st July. All prepayments will be refundable.

If you are still going ahead, or agree that this is a good time to go contactless then we are offering a 10% discount with code “GOCONTACTLESS”.

We have also updated the Call Me button on the website to include a wide variety of Video Conferencing and Social Media channels if you’d like an online demonstration and to ask questions.

Also an interesting opportunity

If you’re a fundraiser who suddenly finds they’ve got some time on their hands and would like a sideline in helping spread the word about contactless donations, please get in touch

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